Roseburg Community Bookshelves

Roseburg Community Bookshelves Grand Opening on Thursday, June 15 at 12:30

A grassroots, volunteer action team has announced the grand opening of Roseburg Community Bookshelves at Cascadian Coffee Co., 732 SE Cass, Roseburg (in the Grand Hotel).

A few speeches and a short ceremony are planned for Thursday. Some light refreshments will be served. All are invited.Books_0

Roseburg Community Bookshelves will provide a “grassroots honor-based lending system … because everyone should have something to read.”

In a proactive partnership with Cascadian Coffee Co., Roseburg Community Bookshelves will provide books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and books on CD (or tape) for loan during the business operating hours of 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM on Saturday. There is a suggested limit of three items to be borrowed for up to a three-week timeframe.

Donated books have been categorized as fiction, non-fiction, children’s and other books. They’ll be available for reading on-site or for loan, using an honor system.

Updates can be found on Facebook at: or click here

We’ll see you at the bookshelves!

Roseburg Library Rescue Action Team


Further Info: 541-673-9759 or 671-2555

Grassroots Effort Building New Roseburg Cascadian Library

A Roseburg Library Rescue Action Team (LRAT) has formed, and the grassroots, volunteer, community effort is off to a great start to provide minimal library service in Roseburg after the main branch closes June 1.

The LRAT has partnered with Cascadian Coffee Co. to provide books, DVDs and CDs for loan at the business at 732 SE Cass Street, Roseburg, Or. Coordinator Joe Ross said, “A whole wall of shelves has been installed. DSC06879Now we need decent, clean, popular books and materials. We need volunteers to regularly maintain the collection, as well as some funds to purchase current items. ”

Donated books will be categorized as fiction, non-fiction, children’s and other books. They’ll be available for reading on-site or check out, using an honor system, during the coffeeshop’s normal business hours of 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. “We may just trust that folks return items or have something as simple as a clipboard to sign out things for a couple weeks,” Ross said. “That’s all being worked out. It’s got to be simple, easy and low stress for everyone.”

The LRAT wanted to collaborate with a downtown business, and Cascadian Coffee had the interest, as well as a well-lit, welcoming space that also offers food, beverage, art and music. Business owner Courtney Dillon said, “We look forward to hosting a small Roseburg library to support education, literacy, knowledge and economic development within our community.” Using donated funds, LRAT purchased shelves from another supportive downtown business, Roseburg Resale, owned by Curt Smith.

Roseburg City Council was told about the library rescue efforts on 8 May. Three local library boards were briefed about plans on 16 May, including Friends of the Douglas County Library System, Douglas County Library Foundation and Douglas County Library Advisory Board. All were supportive. Although the latter is being disbanded by County Commissioners, the other two groups will continue supporting County public libraries. The Friends of the Library will ask their members to help with maintenance of the new Roseburg Cascadian Library. Some friends, like Marcy Tasso Belzner, have already provided great encouragement, advice and guidance.

The Roseburg Library Rescue Action Team has put out a call for community fundraising, book donations and volunteers. They hope to obtain non-profit 501(c)3 status. To provide books, magazine subscriptions, or audio/visual material to the Roseburg Cascadian Library’s collection, simply drop them off during open hours. Cash donations will be used to order items that people want, maybe even some computers. Checks payable to “Library Rescue” can be dropped or mailed to LRAT, c/o Cascadian Coffee, 732 SE Cass, Roseburg, Or. 97470. Any unused funds will be given to the Friends of the Library and/or Douglas Co Library Foundation.

The Library Rescue Action Team is an all-inclusive community effort, and all are welcome to attend their weekly Thursday meetings at 12:15 PM at Cascadian Coffee Co. The team welcomes your personal involvement, encouragement and support. An official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Roseburg Cascadian Library will be announced soon. Grand Opening is expected about the time that the main branch closes (June 1). The actual date will depend on acquisition of books and development of an easy, informal system for book circulation.

Updates can be found here on Facebook here.

Thank you, Cascadian Coffee & Joe!

You and Me Reading!

Check out our brand new webpage all about the importance of reading with your child – You and Me Reading.

The Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters announces ndc8LXeTea new program that improves the quality of reading time with your child. This project is an extension of the Children At Risk statewide study that was championed by the Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters.

Find out how important reading with your child is. Or perhaps you’d like to help a grand child. We offer a personalized introduction into this effective and fun process. Just contact us.

See our web page. Find out more here.

Early Teaching Project Gets Underway

The first training opportunity is 10 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, and the second is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. March 15.

Both trainings will take place at the Martha Young Family Service Center in the United Community Action Network Conference Room, 280 Kenneth Ford Drive in Roseburg.

For more information read The News-Review article here.

For even more information, contact the League at [541] [672] [1914].

Great Schools, Great Communities

The Education Our Children Deserve

Flier-50Forum Will Address Crisis in School Funding

Oregon schools suffer from chronic underfunding, and it will take engaged citizens to turn things around, contend the organizers of Great Schools, Great Communities. This community forum, open to everyone, is coming to Umpqua Valley on March 10, 2016.

“For too long our children have suffered the consequences of Oregon’s inability to adequately fund our public schools,” said Robin Wisdom, treasurer of the LWV of Umpqua Valley and one of the organizers of the event. “Great Schools, Great Communities is a call to make Oregon a place where all children receive the quality education they deserve.”

Great Schools, Great Communities is a joint effort by the League of Women Voters of Oregon ( and the Oregon Center for Public Policy ( to engage communities across the state on the subject of school funding. The event provides an overview of the current state of Oregon schools and how we got here, while offering a platform for discussing ideas of how to solve to the funding problem.

“We know that for our kids to have the schools they need to succeed, Oregonians must demand change,” said Robin Wisdom. “So attend the forum and share your ideas on how to move forward.”

Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Place: Douglas County Library, 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd., Roseburg.

Seating is limited. The deadline to reserve is Tuesday, March 8. Contact Jenny Carloni to reserve your spot at [541] [672] [1914]. Refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Robin Wisdom, [541][672][6982], rwisdom [@]

Have you heard about ETP?

Last night community members met to learn about ETP. What’s that? It is the Early Teaching Project that is now being offered in Roseburg and Douglas County.


The Early Teaching Program (ETP) teaches parents to read effectively with their children thereby enabling their children to exceed in life. There’s strong evidence shown in several studies pointed out in the film shown this evening called “Are We Crazy About Our Kids?”

There’s more if you missed this. There will be two trainings at UCAN’s Conference Room. Thank you to the panelists present at the meeting who explained their roles in assisting young families and children, helping them with life skills, and reading, and just getting through life. One of the main points was there’s just not enough resources to cover all needs, and poverty is an issue in Douglas County. panelists1


Panelists were Tatum Stedman, Roseburg Public Schools Early Learning Coach, Amelia Roth, Roseburg pediatrician, Kat Cooper, Learning Hub; Pat Sublette of ESD, Shawn Lyberger of Head Start.

Upcoming Trainings to be held at UCAN’s conference room at the Martha Young Family Service Center, 280 Kenneth Ford Drive, Roseburg

March 8, 10AM to 11:30AM
March 15, 6:30PM to 8:00PM

For more information, contact Jenny Carloni at [541] [672] [1914].