Elections in Douglas County, Oregon

Special Districts Election May 16, 2023 – See Districts and positions available
What is a Special District? Douglas County has 69 of them.

LWV Oregon Endorsed HB 2004

The League of Women Voters Oregon recently endorsed Oregon House Bill 2004 which establishes Rank Choice Voting (RCV) elections for all statewide and federal offices, for both primary and general elections with three or more candidates. It also provides a local option for cities and counties to use RCV elections and helps to ensure standardized implementation for county clerks.

As the sponsors point out, this particular bill does not establish open primaries, nor does it include the Oregon Legislature. 

According to LWVOR study reports, Rank Choice Voting is one of the best methods for leading to more reflective outcomes and improving representation.  It also has proven success – having been used or adopted in over 60 jurisdictions across the U.S., including four in our own state.

To learn more about Rank Choice Voting and HB 2004 visit here.

Download the PDF that explains even more provided by the LWV Rogue Valley.

Use your right to vote.

Statewide and County General Election results: https://results.oregonvotes.gov
Douglas County General Election results
Official Certified Results will be sent to Results.OregonVotes.gov and posted on the Douglas County Elections Website Wednesday, Nov 30 to Monday, Dec 5, 2022, is the window for certifying election results – no later than Election Day +27

Visit OLIS – The Oregon Legislative Information System.

A quick way to learn about what’s going on in the Legislature is to read the Oregon State League’s Legislative Report.

The state of Oregon established vote by mail as the standard way to vote with a citizen’s initiative in 1998. Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to hold elections exclusively by mail.

Thank you for voting!

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