Garden Tour 2017

Thank you, All, for taking the self-guided 2017 Spring Garden Tour on June 17th and visiting the lovely gardens and a historic home in Sutherlin.

Photos have been added at the bottom on 7/1/17. Scroll down!

Thank you Gardeners, Musicians and Artists for sharing your work and taking the time to be part of the Garden Tour! Thank you, Dianne Muscarello, for being the photographer this year.
Thank you to our Ticket Sellers at the following wonderful establishments.

Here’s a slideshow of some photos of this year’s Garden Tour and there’s more below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you next year!

More photos for your viewing pleasure with artists and musicians!

These photos are from Garden A – Larry & Suzanne Quinn are the gardeners divine!

From Garden B – Michelle and Bob Johnson are the gardeners extraordinaire!

From Garden C – These amazing gardeners are John Jachetta and Brenda Bierman!

Garden D – Art and Shirley Adams are the glorious gardeners!

Garden E – fabulous gardeners Jim and Tammy Gidcumb who also shared their historic home!

Thanks to all Gardeners, Artists and Musicians for making this a spectacular Garden Tour!

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