Diversity Position

Local Action Position



  1. The League of Women Voters of the Umpqua Valley values intercultural awareness and understanding as an enrichment of lives in Douglas County.
  2. The League of Women Voters of the Umpqua Valley supports local programs which include the following.

a. Informing the membership and the community about the variety of perspectives and expectations that are becoming part of the intercultural fabric of this community;

b. Encouraging the widest possible inclusion of diverse people into the business, political, and human service areas;

c. Sponsoring events that give people an opportunity to celebrate ethnic events new to the Douglas County calendar;

d. Responding publicly when events of respect and tolerance happen, and also when negative events occur, presenting a clear enthusiasm and belief that the American freedoms apply to all who are law-abiding.

Concurrence statement accepted by membership March 1995.

Link to LWV Diversity Position.

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