Board of Directors

BOARD MEMBERS 2022 – 2023

  • President –Robin Wisdom
  • Secretary – Julee Wright
  • Treasurer – Sherry Couron
  • Voter Service Chair – Jenny Carloni
  • Member at Large & Garden Tour Committee Chair – Nancy Farris
  • Member at Large & Newsletter Editor – Dori Jacob
  • Nominating Committee – Ann Fasig, Stacey McLaughlin
  • Communications Committee – Robin Wisdom, Stacey McLaughlin, Anna Willman, Ann Fasig, Jenny Carloni
  • Webmaster, Zoom Host, Mailchimp – Robin Wisdom

Join the board! Know what’s going on! You Are An Important Part! Serving on your League’s Board is a great way to serve your community. Find out what’s going on and participate with great people.

There are openings on the board. If you are interested in serving your community in some capacity large or small, please email or call us at [541] [672] [6982].

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