Celebrating Our Herstory!

Harriet Tubman

We will continue to celebrate 100 years plus of achievement by American women. Our new musical about Abigail Scott Duniway and her brother Harvey Scott is available for viewing and sharing. Visit our page with more details.

Read about and be inspired by an amazing woman who lived in Douglas County briefly who was the first woman to serve in Oregon Senate, Kathryn Clarke (1873-1940). See photo below.

We hope you had a chance to see our Roseburg Public Library display of 2020 before the Library closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak . The display celebrates the century of achievement by the League and women all over the United States. 2020 also celebrates the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

“Someone struggled for your Right to Vote. Use it!”

Our Roseburg Public Library display of 2020.

Interesting Links:

A Suffrage Quilt pictured in The News-Review in 2013.
Abigail Scott Duniway
Susan B. Anthony
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