Century Celebration 2020

New! Check out this new Suffrage history presentation by Pat Sherman on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley embedded below. Wait a minute for it to load:

It’s also available on the Roseburg Public Library’s Facebook page 10/1/2020.

In case you missed it (ICYMI) on Sep. 17th, you can still listen to and watch the video presented by Eliza Canty-Jones of the Oregon Historical Society. The Roseburg Public Library and the League sponsored this fascinating history about the first political women in Oregon. This video will only be available for a week or so more. See it now! Here’s the link.

Read about and be inspired by an amazing woman in Douglas County who was the first woman to serve in Oregon Senate, Kathryn Clarke (1873-1940).

We will continue to celebrate 100 years of achievement by American women. Please join us in the celebration!

Our next event sponsored by the Roseburg Public Library and the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley will be on Nov. 19 and will be a live Facebook event. You’ll be able to join in via a link on the Library’s website. And we’ll keep you informed.

On Nov. 19 Dr. Kimberly Jensen, Professor of History and Gender studies at Western Oregon University will speak about the Oregon votes for women movement and Oregon’s ratification of the 19th Amendment.

We hope you had a chance to see our Roseburg Public Library display before the Library closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak . The display celebrates the century of achievement by the League and women all over the United States. 2020 also celebrates the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

“Someone struggled for your Right to Vote. Use it!”

Note the wonderful volunteers, too. Pat Sherman, far right, is the lead on the Century Celebration Committee. Next to her is Sherry Couron, and on the left is Beverly Paulson.

We look forward to the Library re-opening, but we also are very aware of the risk involved in opening too soon. Please stay safe and stay home.

How we’re celebrating ~

Enjoy a historical PowerPoint presentation that was shown at our October 2019 meeting. And here’s the script that goes with the presentation, written by Pat Sherman, our intrepid committee chair.

The Umpqua Valley League has joined with the Umpqua Valley Quilter’s Guild as a silver sponsor for the 2021 Quilt Show. Sadly, this year’s Umpqua Valley Quilt Show has been canceled. However, we remain very excited about our partnership with the Quilt Guild.

Interesting Links:

A Suffrage Quilt pictured in The News-Review in 2013.
Abigail Scott Duniway
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