Local League Positions

All League members follow the same positions, on all levels, local, state, and national. We base testimony and public support on these positions. Our local League can rely on national and state positions if our local League does not have one pertaining to the subject matter at hand.

Interested in League positions?

These are positions held by the LWV Umpqua Valley.

The LWV of the Umpqua Valley has the following six current local positions under which action may be taken. We can also advocate based on state and national League positions. See links above.

  1. Diversity and Discrimination in Douglas County (Adopted March 1995)
  2. Homelessness in Douglas County (Adopted February 1998)
  3. Sustainable Community (Adopted November 2001)
  4. Homeless Youth (Adopted September 2004)
  5. Local Water Study (Adopted 2009)
  6. Special Tax Districts Position 8-16-16 (Library position)

Special Taxing Districts and Urban Renewal Districts

The League believes the formation of Special Taxing Districts and Urban Renewal Districts may be desirable in certain situations. The formation of any such district must be considered only after an informed, transparent planning process and thorough analysis of the implications to all government provided services.

League shall consider the following criteria to determine whether or not to support a proposal to form a Special Taxing District or an Urban Renewal District.

  1. The new district has clearly defined goals.
  2. The new district will provide more or new benefits not currently available.
  3. The new district will meet needs not currently being addressed.
  4. Other options to meet the needs have been explored.
  5. Establishment of a new district will lead to long-term stability.
  6. All statutory requirements have been addressed.
  7. Administrative costs will not unduly impact services.
  8. The new district will not create undue competition with other entities.
  9. The new district does not duplicate services otherwise available.
  10. The impact of the new district on the funding of other services has been evaluated.
  11. There has been adequate public process in establishing the new district.
  12. The cost to reach the goals has been properly analyzed.
  13. Revenue streams are identified (bonding, grants, private dollars, etc.)
  14. Affected parties have been engaged in discussions regarding the proposed district.

For Urban Renewal Districts an additional criterion will be considered:

  1. Urban Renewal Districts must have a plan for termination from the outset.

There is no intent that a taxing or urban renewal district must meet every criterion in order to gain League support. Instead, the idea is that, for any new district, each criterion will be evaluated and the League position will be arrived at by balancing the pros and cons illuminated by the criteria.

Adopted by the LWV Umpqua Valley Board of Directors on 8/16/16

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