You and Me Reading!

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The Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters announces ndc8LXeTea new program that improves the quality of reading time with your child. This project is an extension of the Children At Risk statewide study that was championed by the Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters.

Find out how important reading with your child is. Or perhaps you’d like to help a grand child. We offer a personalized introduction into this effective and fun process. Just contact us.

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Have you heard about ETP?

Last night community members met to learn about ETP. What’s that? It is the Early Teaching Project that is now being offered in Roseburg and Douglas County.


The Early Teaching Program (ETP) teaches parents to read effectively with their children thereby enabling their children to exceed in life. There’s strong evidence shown in several studies pointed out in the film shown this evening called “Are We Crazy About Our Kids?”

There’s more if you missed this. There will be two trainings at UCAN’s Conference Room. Thank you to the panelists present at the meeting who explained their roles in assisting young families and children, helping them with life skills, and reading, and just getting through life. One of the main points was there’s just not enough resources to cover all needs, and poverty is an issue in Douglas County. panelists1


Panelists were Tatum Stedman, Roseburg Public Schools Early Learning Coach, Amelia Roth, Roseburg pediatrician, Kat Cooper, Learning Hub; Pat Sublette of ESD, Shawn Lyberger of Head Start.

Upcoming Trainings to be held at UCAN’s conference room at the Martha Young Family Service Center, 280 Kenneth Ford Drive, Roseburg

March 8, 10AM to 11:30AM
March 15, 6:30PM to 8:00PM

For more information, contact Jenny Carloni at [541] [672] [1914].