Roseburg Climate Strike Struck!

Thank you all for coming and joining us in Roseburg for the international Climate Strike! There was a great turn out! And thank you to our co-sponsors, the Douglas County Global Warming Coalition and Umpqua Watersheds, and the media for being there as well.


Jenny Carloni delivers Senator Merkley’s statement to the crowd. Photos below by Joe Ross. 


Some cool links to today’s event:

Roseburg Climate Strike Update

Roseburg Climate Strike!

On Garden Valley Blvd in Roseburg in front of Fred Meyer


Members of the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley, the Douglas County Global Warming Coalition, and Umpqua Watersheds will join together to demand climate action. All are welcome to join in!

At 12:20PM, Jenny Carloni, President of the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley will read a statement by Senator Merkley.

We will be part of a world-wide effort both here in the United States and across the globe demanding immediate action on the climate.  Students in the United States and abroad will be walking out of their classrooms in solidarity as they raise their voices on the most critical issue of our time.

With the Amazon in flames, unprecedented hurricanes, rising sea levels and wildfires at home, the planet we call home is sending us a powerful message.  And we must answer that call.

On Sept 20, from NOON to 1PM:

  • Bring your smiles,
  • Bring your signs,
  • Bring your cameras,
  • Post your photos!

See You There!

The Latest on Our Children’s Trust Lawsuit

We, the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley, are proud that our state League (LWVOR) signed on to an amicus brief in support of Our Children’s Trust with our national League (LWVUS).

As Eleanor Revelle, Chair of the national League’s Climate Change Task Force, said on 8/12/17:

As I reported last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered a temporary stay in the proceedings of the Juliana et al v. United States climate lawsuit while it considers a petition from the Trump administration that it review the November 2016 decision by District Court Judge Ann Aiken to allow the lawsuit to go to trial.  The attorneys for the 21 youth plaintiffs have been ordered to file an answer to the Trump administration’s petition.  And Our Children’s Trust (OCT) has requested that the Leagues (LWVUS and LWVOR) submit an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs’ response.

As you will recall, the LWVUS and LWVOR filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs when the case was before Judge Aiken in the District Court in fall 2016.  Courtney Johnson with the Crag Law Center will be drafting a new brief for us now. The basic premise for the Leagues’ brief is our organization’s interest is in protecting the rights of everyone in the democratic process.Unknown

When the political process fails, as here, to protect the rights of children, then the courts must step in to secure those rights.  The government has been debating climate change for so long, we’ve now reached a tipping point, and this case must move forward on the merits and not get bogged down in procedural issues.  These children’s rights are at stake, and time is of the essence.

As before, with the 2016 amicus brief, the League of Women Voters of Oregon has agreed to collect contributions towards the costs associated with drafting and submitting the brief, about $3,000.  I invite you to join me in making a contribution towards this effort.

If you can help, please send your check to:

League of Women Voters of Oregon
1330 12th St. SE, Suite 200
Salem OR 97302-2858

Include a note indicating that it is to support the amicus brief in the OCT climate lawsuit.

Download the amicus brief here

The LWV of Oregon consolidated into a 501(c)(3) organization in 2015; therefore your contribution is tax-deductible.  Thank you!