Member Survey, Update & Healthcare Meeting News

Member Update

Program-Planning-Discussion-1-20-15Fifteen people gathered for our annual Program Planning meeting at the First Presbyterian Church on Jan. 20 in Roseburg. It was noted that the LWVOR Issues for Action document, sent electronically, is quite long. It would take quite a while to read and carefully consider all of the State League’s positions. However, there was agreement to retain the current State League positions along with interest in focusing on the HEALTH POLICY position on Adult Mental Health and Mental Health Services for Children and Youth.

If you are interested in this topic, perhaps you’d like to join the LWVUV Health Care Committee. Jean Galleher would like to remind everyone that the next meeting of the Health Care Committee will be Thursday, Feb. 5 at 11:00 A.M. in a study room at the Douglas County Public Library. The main agenda topics will include discussion of the State League Adult Mental Health and the Mental Health Services For Children and Youth policies, discussion of a possible Winter/Spring forum, and finding a new Chair for the rest of this League year. Feel free to RSVP to Jean at (541-459-2189 or

We are planning our next LWVUV general meeting for Wednesday evening, Feb. 18, at the DC Public Library’s Ford Room. The topic will be gun safety and the meeting will be open to the public. Please save the date. More information will follow.

We know our members have a variety of interests and we are enjoying the receipt of answers to our brief LWVUV Member Survey. Thank you to those who’ve sent it in. There’s still time for the rest of you to reply. If you find the form cumbersome, just send your brief answers to these questions in an email to jennifer.carloni [@]

Member Survey

1) What do you love? What makes you excited?

2) What draws you to the League?

3) Would you like to come to an hour to 90-minute long member orientation? Yes or No.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jenny Carloni

LWVUV Secretary/Treasurer

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