Thanks for Attending LWVOR Council!

The League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley thank community members who came out for the LWVOR Council presentations on May 16 at the Holiday Inn Express in Roseburg.

Council was informative. Membership adopted a budget for 2014-2015, elected state leaders, and learned from a number of elegant speakers.

Dr. Patty Scott of the Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay presented a fascinating set of slides about “When Generations Collide,” all about the characteristics of different generations and how they think.

Tom Bowerman, Project Director of PolicyInteractive Climate & Public Policy Research Project, addressed the third Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey results, the common vision of Oregonians, and the role of the individual in influencing social change in “We’re Closer Than We Think”.

Both speakers’ Powerpoint Presentations are available on this page.



The Cooks! Debbie of Dino's Catering took great care of us.
The Cooks! Debbie of Dino’s Catering took great care of us.
Climate Change discussion
Climate Change discussion
Tom Bowerman,
Tom Bowerman,
Dr. Patty Scott, SWOCC
Dr. Patty Scott, SWOCC
Children at Risk Study huddle
Children at Risk Study huddle


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