Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Your local League of the Umpqua Valley wishes you a great New Year and end of 2019!

We hope you had a good 2019, and that 2020 will be even better. We have lots to look forward to. The voter will be challenged to make numerous decisions. We hope to help you sort through the quagmire by providing timely, researched factual information on all sides of the issues. Then you decide and make informed choices.

That’s what the League of Women Voters is all about. That’s our main mission. To provide you with ALL the information about each statewide ballot measure. The national League will help with information about national issues which we will do our best to pass along to you.

Thank you for all your support throughout 2019.

Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring happiness, peace, and prosperity.


LWV Umpqua Valley’s board of directors wishes all county residents a happy and prosperous 2018. We thank you for your support and
we vow to continue to address the needs of the community here in Douglas County, Oregon, mainly through open communication and shining light on issues.

May our respect for one another engender dialogue, cooperation, and understanding. 

The Board of Directors, LWVUV