Apply as a Temp Election Worker

For the next month in Douglas County, Oregon, you can apply as a Temporary Election worker with the Douglas County Clerk’s office. Here is the link to the position.

Democracy means voting. Inform your vote.

The pay runs from $12.08 to $12.57 per hour. There are basic requirements, skills you need to have. It doesn’t say when the position starts work, but the May Primary Election is on May 17, 2022. This position is an ‘on-call’ job.

This would be a great way to see exactly how it all happens and actually participate in our democracy besides voting, or working for a campaign. Our most important task in a democracy is making sure our votes are counted. If you apply and are accepted, you would get an inside view of the incredible work and coordination it takes to have secure elections.

Best of luck in your job search!

Author: lwvuv


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