Legislative Report 2020-2021

Sine Die Legislative Report 2020-2021 has been completed by LWV Oregon’s Action Team. Read the full report here!

Below is a summary about each category LWVOR emailed to its members.


Coastal Issues:  The Territorial Sea Plan, Part Three Section E and Appendix C are now available for Review. 

Elliott State Forest: There has been a flurry of activity around the Elliott State Forest this past month. Read the report and then visit Oregon.gov’s webpage.

ForestryA flurry of rulemaking meetings is in progress currently that will define details of implementing the comprehensive wildfire bill, SB 762, to provide for wildfire risk reduction, response and recovery, with programs related to defensible space, prescribed fire (the Burn Manager Program), landscape resiliency and community emergency preparedness.

Land UseThe Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) continues to receive reports on the implementation of HB 2001 (2019).
Northwest Energy Coalition:  The Northwest Power and Conservation Council, the region’s official power planning agency, has just released its draft 2021 Northwest Power Plan. The public now has until November 19 to submit written comments, and several opportunities to testify at public hearings (virtually).

Recycling: Since Governor Kate Brown signed the Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act (SB 582-2021) into law on August 6, DEQ has been developing an implementation plan, estimated timeline and other resources to support implementation of the new law and inform interested parties

Transportation: The Malheur County Development Corp. last week got Americold’s signature on a 20-year lease to operate the Treasure Valley Reload Center near Nyssa. Work on the facility will begin in November.

WaterThe Water Resources Dept. (WRD) received a huge infusion of staff positions and program changes with the 2021 session.

WildfiresWe are pleased to report that Oregon’s communities are seeing some recovery after the Sept. 2020 wildfires. The policy changes and infusion of monies by the legislature and the federal government have helped some homes and businesses return. There is, however, much work to be done.

Read more in the full Natural Resources report.

Education UpdatesLWVOR would like to clear up some media mis-information about temporarily revising Oregon’s High School graduation requirements, with a more accurate OPB report.

Read the full Education report.

RedistrictingThe legislative redistricting bill, SB 882, was by comparison relatively non-controversial; although, all Senate and House Republicans and two Democrats still voted against it. Various redistricting evaluation services rated the proposal as fairly well drawn.

Campaign Finance: A collaboration of organizations, including the LWVOR and organized by Honest Elections Oregon, have been meeting with stakeholders to draft an initiative petition for the 2022 ballot.

Read the full Governance report.

Federal Updates: Both the Biden administration and bipartisan Congressional proposed Build Back Better: $1.2T and $3.5 T infrastructure bill and reconciliation package, if passed in any form, will significantly affect Climate Change mitigation and adaptation funding and policy in Oregon.

Clean Energy: Lots of activity regarding the Climate Protection Program, Cleaner Air Oregon, Clean Fuels Program, Landfill Methane Rules, and Oregon Regional Haze Plan.

Read the full Climate Emergency report.

HousingThe federal government allocated $204 million to Oregon for the rent assistance program. Unfortunately, social service agencies throughout the state have been slow to process assistance applications due to complicated requirements, lack of staff, and software issues. 

Read the full Social Policy report.

Since the close of session in June and our Sine Die report on September 14, there is little to report since the Legislature has not been in session, and the committees that were to convene on September 22-25 were canceled due to a case of Covid in the state Legislature, as well as an extension of the Special Redistricting Session, not yet concluded due to disagreements concerning the CD maps.

Read the full Revenue report.

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