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The following is from the latest Legislative Report by the League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR). The League’s Action Team is monitoring the goings-on at the Capitol. The Legislature is in session now until June 28, 2021.

On Thursday, February 25th all the Republican Senators did NOT show up for the floor session. There is conflicting wording on exactly what this is called – some including the media have called it a “walkout” and others a “denial of a quorum” to protest the Governor not reopening schools. They claim that the rest of legislative business continued as normal, so arguably it was not a walkout. Either way, these Senators were not at work and did not have excused absences. No one is sure whether this will become the norm or this will be the only time it happens this session. If this was one of your Senators let them know whether you agree or disagree with their actions.


Make your Voice Heard – Testify Virtually:

This past year was the year of the decennial census and now it is time for redistricting reapportionment. The House and Senate Redistricting Committees started a series of meetings on March 9 to take public testimony on the redistricting process. This is usually a road show, however because of the pandemic this will also be done virtually. It is important that we tell our Legislators that we want these new districts to meet all the criteria outlined by law, that there be no gerrymandering and that all districts are equal and fair. The League will be testifying, however it is important that all of you also testify as individual Oregon residents/voters. See for more information and all the details.
Paula Krane, Access Coordinator

Read League of Women Voters of Oregon testimony here.

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