This is an unprecedented move by the National League of Women Voters — to say we must remove the President from the highest office in the nation.

The boards of LWV and LWVEF voted unanimously to call for the removal of the President immediately. Today they have issued an Action Alert directing all League members to contact their senators and encourage to oust the dangerous leader.

Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, Board President, LWVUS, said today in a communique to all members:

Donald Trump showed himself to be a dangerous agitator with the power and will to upend our democracy by force. He is a threat to our republic and to our national security. 

“We know that this decision will be controversial, but this moment in history demands we protect and defend our democracy. We cannot stand silent as the actions of President Trump this week have demonstrated he is unfit for office. We will not endure the next two weeks and the potential for further damage to our democracy and the world. It is time to remove him from office by any legal means possible, which is why LWVUS supports both impeachment and the 25th Amendment as viable options to ensure safety of Americans and preservation of our republic. 

“The statement we issued this morning was not a partisan one. As we made clear in the statement, we support the processes that would remove Donald Trump and install Mike Pence as president for the remainder of the term. On January 21, we are hosting a webinar how our nonpartisan and DEI policies intersect and how to navigate them during hyper-partisan times. We welcome everyone to attend. 

“All of you, our members across the country and around the world, have joined this organization because you believe in the power of women to create a more perfect democracy. Today, we ask you to stand together in this decision to defend democracy as we have for 100 years.”

League Members, check your email for the virtual location of the webinar on Jan. 21.

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