Cybersecurity and Privacy Meeting Canceled

This meeting has been canceled, but hopefully we will hold it in the future.

Amid compelling daily ongoing developments, do you wonder about privacy, cybersecurity, and election security?

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Read the League’s New Privacy and Cybersecurity Study

Join us on Friday, March 13 Noon-1:30 at the Roseburg Public Library, Deer Creek Room

Guest speaker Jess Daly, a Public Policy Consultant with expertise in cybersecurity and privacy issues, will give a presentation about Privacy and Cyberhealth.

Privacy & Cyberhealth
A discussion about navigating everyday issues of privacy and cybersecurity.

Jess says ~

It is easy to dismiss basic issues of privacy living with the amazing technology that surrounds us and the convenience it brings. People often say, “I’m a regular person with nothing to hide so why should I care?” This attitude can be damaging. It’s like saying, “I’m a healthy person with no germs, so why should I wash my hands?” We will talk in common sense terms about privacy and cyberhealth and how these issues connect to your personal family life, your local community, and your vote. We will explore ways everyone can support safe, healthy, and connected families, communities, and societies.

All interested community members are encouraged to attend this noontime meeting. Light lunch will be served.

For more information, email us at

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