More Thanks!!

The  2013 Garden Committee met last week to evaluate our recent Garden Tour held on Saturday, June 15th in the Roseburg area and to make recommendations for 2014.

Although we realized Individual words of thanks were extended to the musicians, artists and those who helped to make the 2013 Country Garden Tour a very special event, we realized it was important for the members of the LWVUV to know who was involved in this production.  Individually, you may want to extend your personal thanks and appreciation for their participation when you see any of the following:

Linda  Smith, representing the Audubon Society, led informative bird walks at Sunshine Park  during a 4-hour period.

Artists who participated  were:

Victoria Carnate, John & Judy Waller, Peter Alsen, Paul Zegers, Dan Rockholt, Susan Commerford and Claudia Lapham & Friends.

Musicians who participated were:

Steve Erickson, Dan Bedford, Rebecca Moore, Frank Elst, Cindy Ferguson, Wanda Eddy, Joe Ross & Friends, Ray  Wanamaker and Jeff Haverner.

We know may of you participated in the tour, so you may already know who was instrumental in making this event a success.  We also know some of you were not available and wanted you to know the extent of community involvement.

Nancy Farris is the chair for 2014.  Please contact her if you wish to participate in the planning of our 3rd annual garden tour.

Thanks from the committee: Beverly Paulson, Nancy Farris, Penny Reed, Rina Bengstrom, Anna Willman and Jean Oswald

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