You and Me Reading

AKA “Dialogic Reading”

The League of Women Voters Umpqua Valley’s Early Teaching Project grew out of the state League’s Children at Risk study.

Member and past president of the Umpqua Valley League, Linda Clary, co-chaired that study and felt strongly that community action could follow. We chose the teaching of a Dialogic Reading technique, that we are calling “You and Me Reading”, as something we can do to help our community’s children be ready to learn when thUnknowney reach kindergarten.

Research shows that children who experience lots of rich language in their early years are primed to succeed in reading and in school in general.
The You and Me Reading technique uses children’s books as a tool to generate that rich language experience.

Many parents and caregivers do this naturally. Our training offers tips to make the most of every opportunity to build more complex neural networks in young brains, and make learning fun!

Check out these videos:

Rx for Success Dialogic Reading

Rx for Success Words Matter

Interested? Please contact us by calling 541-672-1914 or by emailing jennifer.carloni @, if you would like to learn more.

Updated 3/13/17

An Invitation

Many children enter kindergarten without the vocabulary, sentence structure, and other basic skills necessary for success in school. The League of Women Voters Umpqua Valley invites you to help change that in your community. We will teach “You and Me Reading“, a fun and easy way of talking about picture books. This technique, sometimes called Dialogic Reading, has been successful in developing vocabulary in young children.

With our Early Teaching Project we are reaching out to businesses, church, civic, and parent groups. In addition, we know that upper elementary students could learn this technique and use it with younger siblings and students. We think a 30-minute presentation during a lunch/dinner break would be interesting and educational for your organization. Or, we may be available to present at one of your regularly scheduled meetings.

Please contact us at 541-672-1914 or email, if you would like to learn more.

See a Talking and Books Preview –> YouTube video

Also read more about Dialogic Reading and view more videos on this Blogspot.

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