The Primary Election 2022 was held on May 17, 2022.

Thank you for using your right to vote!

If you dropped off your ballot by 8PM on 5/17/22 or mailed it and got a postmark on May 17 or earlier, your vote will be counted. New rule: If the Douglas County Elections department receives your ballot within a week after May 17, it will still be counted and included in the Official Certified Results which will be posted on both the Douglas County Elections website and the Secretary of State’s website by June 8 to June 13.

Vote! Be sure to get your ballots in in time. The best way is to drop your ballot off at an Official Dropbox by May 17. You can find a list of Drop Boxes on the Douglas Elections webpage. If  you mail your ballot in, you don’t need a stamp, but adding a stamp helps offset the expense for the state. And you must have your ballot postmarked by May 17. It will be counted even if it arrives late up to one week. 

House Bill 3291 requires ballots returned by mail showing the ballot was mailed not later than date of election and received by county clerk not later than seven days after date of election. The official certified results will be posted on the Douglas County Elections Department website and the Secretary of State’s website on June 8 to June 13. 

Use your right to vote.

A quick way to learn about what’s going on in the Legislature is to read the Oregon State League’s Legislative Report.

Visit OLIS – The Oregon Legislative Information System.

City of Roseburg, Oregon Election Results 2021

Douglas County, Oregon Past Election Results

Oregon County Election Results 2021

The state of Oregon established vote by mail as the standard way to vote with a citizen’s initiative in 1998. Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to hold elections exclusively by mail.

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