Get Involved!

  • Be part of the Century Celebration Committee! Be in touch to plan local events celebrating one hundred years across the nation of women’s right to vote. Contact us!
  • Do research for a League study. The local League participates in studies on three levels, local, state, and national.
  • Be a part of a Candidates’ Forum. The local League sponsors or cosponsors objective well-run non-partisan candidates’ forums for primary and general elections.
  • Be a part of a Ballot Measure Presentation. The local League conducts unbiased educational ballot measure presentations regularly held for the public.
  • Be a part of the Observer Corps. Participants attend public meetings, observe and report to the board of directors. Attending should be done via virtual meetings at this time due to COVID-19.


Currently we are studying a state study, Privacy & Cybersecurity. Once a year each local League has the opportunity to suggest a one to two year study on which local League members research and prepare a final report. The League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) in 2015 studied Hard Rock Mining in Oregon and did an update of the Elections Method Study done in 2008.


In person meetings are on hold for now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone, stay safe by staying at home as much as you can.

We are using Zoom or a similar virtual meeting platforms for conducting meetings until further notice. Our monthly general meetings offer education on important issues to League members and the community.  We also sponsor or co-sponsor public forums on topics of interest or on areas where the League conducts studies such as, in the past, the LWVUS’s three studies on constitutional amendments, redistricting, and money in elections.


To encourage League members to work for legislative changes in areas where we have positions. See LWVOR, the state League’s website.


Find out what’s going on in your local government. Represent the League by attending local public meetings virtually to observe meeting process and learn about community decision making. And it is an easy way to be informed, support your League and stay in touch with governing bodies.

Attend a Douglas County Commissioners meeting (held once a week on Wednesdays), or a Roseburg City council meeting, a School Board meeting, or a Douglas County planning commission meeting. Take notes while you’re there. Refrain from making any statements; we are there only as observers, not to participate. Please fill out the short report form and forward it to the League. That’s it. Consider participating in this way. Contact a board member.

In order for our League to accomplish this work we need the help of our members and our community supporters. Would You Like to be Part of the Solution? Want to be informed? Join the League of Women Voters!

Download a Membership Form 2020-2021 here, and mail it in today. For more information email LWVUV.

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There is a woman named Tonya Bennett who wants to join your League. Her number is 541-430-6944. Please give her a call. She called me at RVLWV.
Kathleen D.

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