Good Trouble

Goodbye, John Lewis. Today we celebrate the life of John Lewis on the day of his funeral. Although he travels on, his legacy remains. He lives on in our hearts especially now during the siege across our nation with the federal government attacking citizens during a pandemic, and during a time when we all must stand up for Black Lives Matter and speak out about zealous, even cruel policing that has gone on since days of Jim Crow laws.


Lewis was a great man we should all learn from. From his humble birth place in Alabama to his stalwart march across the Edmund Pettus bridge with Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1965, and his tenure in Congress, he constantly showed caring for all individuals and their right to vote and thrive. He gave us his all.

Let us carry on his work, and stand up to atrocity, unrighteousness, and bigotry. We must find a new ‘Conscience of Congress’.



The Attorney General and Secretary of State’s attempt to stop the collection of IP57 petitions was denied by the Ninth Circuit Court on 7/23/20. And so we’ll continue to ask that citizens send in signed petitions to get an independent redistricting commission on November’s ballot. Please get them in by August 8th.

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To achieve an Independent Redistricting Commission in Oregon would mean:

  • Even numbers of Democrats, Republicans, and Non-Affiliated Voters would be able to be on the Commission
  • Non-affiliated voters will be included for the first time
  • New district lines throughout the state will be drawn in 2021. This only happens every ten years based on the 2020 Census.
  • There will be less “gerrymandering”.
  • More unity between parties
  • Fairer line drawing
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IP57 Ruling Appealed

Oregon’s Attorney General has filed an appeal against the federal court ruling on July 14 (see our webpage for details).

“Whether a federal judge can rewrite the state constitution‘s procedures for constitutional amendments is a question that goes to the heart of the state’s power to create its own laws,” Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said in a statement Wednesday. “Any final decision made in this case could have long reaching impacts for the state and on future ballot initiatives.” (According to

Also see:

Stay tuned for further developments!

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Initiative Petition 57

The process for drawing congressional and legislative district boundaries has, for too long, been controlled by politicians. Letting politicians manipulate voting maps is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Politicians in power shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves and their party.

The process for drawing congressional and legislative district boundaries has, for too long, been controlled by politicians. Letting politicians manipulate voting maps is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Politicians in power shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves and their party.

People Not Politicians proposes Initiative Petition 57 to reform that process and create a fairer, more transparent system. At its simplest, this initiative would create an independent citizen redistricting commission comprised of Oregonians.

This is critical to do it now! Redistricting only happens every 10 years after a census is taken.

The Secretary of State has agreed to accept petitions from People Not Politicians and allow the gathering of more signed petitions until August 17. Read the Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s press release.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon along with a coalition are working hard on getting Initiative Petition 57 on the November 3rd ballot. If the petition makes the ballot voters will have the chance to vote on creating an independent redistricting commission for the state of Oregon. Now the redistricting is done by the state Legislature, a group of politicians.

See our home page for more information.


Black Lives Matter

League members are keenly aware of the inexcusable treatment of Black and Latino people, and LGBTQ for the past 150 years and even longer.

We believe in the mission to make it right, make lives better, and not full of fear. While we have a national discussion of what should take place to improve lives and eliminate police violence, let us have open discourse with each other and not jump to conclusions. Let the goal be Freedom, Prosperity, and Happiness for All! Let Freedom Ring!

Yesterday Roseburg residents came together to celebrate our diversity, but more to call out the mistreatment of American citizens over years of cruelty. We support Black Lives Matter! We must learn more about the past those of color have had to endure just to live in the United States.

Some photos from yesterday’s Candlelight Vigil at the Douglas County Courthouse in Roseburg, Oregon ~

Thank you to the organizers of yesterday’s rally.

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Stand Firm

The League of Women Voters across the nation stands with families who have lost someone to police violence and protesters, in our states, our nation and around the world. Yet another unlawful death of a Black person is horrifying. As human beings we must all recognize the ongoing atrocity and continue to be anti-racist. We must listen to friends of color and learn more about our country’s systemic racism.

Please make it a priority to vote in November!  


The League Grieves with the Nation


WASHINGTON – The League of Women Voters of the United States issued the following statement in reference to the murder of George Floyd: 

“The League of Women Voters grieves the murders of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives that have been tragically taken at the hands of rogue law enforcement officers who are rarely held fully accountable for their actions. 

“We also mourn those who have lost their lives or been harmed, mentally or physically, as a result of America’s pervasive culture of anti-blackness. The systems of oppression that have perpetuated the myth of white supremacy in our country must be dismantled if we are ever to become the nation we pledge to be—indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

“As an organization whose mission is to empower voters and defend democracy, we stand in solidarity with all Black communities. The League shall do so not only by speaking out against racism in all forms, but by doing the work required of us to be anti-racist. We are committed to listening to and amplifying Black voices, and educating ourselves and our children on the historic and ongoing systemic racism that plagues this country.

“The League acknowledges, painfully, that America is a nation founded on racism. Therefore, all who live in this country must contribute to and participate in organizations actively working to achieve full liberation and inclusive freedom. We must all advocate for anti-racist policies at every level of government.

“We join the League of Women Voters of Minnesota in calling on law enforcement officials to provide transparency during this investigation, and to seek justice for George Floyd, his family, and his community.

“Finally, we echo the call of our partners at the NAACP: we must all vote in November – the road to change lies at the ballot box.”

Contact: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 |


Election Results

“Unofficial final results” including PCPs for Douglas County, Oregon, Primary Election 2020.

Primary Election results for local ballot measures for Douglas County from the State of Oregon.

Douglas County Primary Election turn out: 40.91%

Statewide Election Results. State election turn out: 46.36%

Now check your registration at the Secretary of State’s office and get ready for the General Election on Nov. 3, 2020.

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Time’s Up

Time’s up for mailing in your ballot. Either use a drop box or walk it in to the Douglas County Clerk’s office and drop it off there no later than 8PM on Tuesday, May 19. Note: There’s new procedures at the Clerk’s office, so check out their webpage. Suggestion: Call the office first at (541) 440-4325.

Participate in your Primary Election!

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Last Day to Mail Ballots

Get your ballot mailed today to be sure your ballot will be counted. If you’re mailing your ballot, you’d better get it in to the Post Office by 3PM today.

Or you can drop off your ballot at a Drop Site Location.

Or you can drop it off at the Douglas County Courthouse Clerk‘s office in the hallway slot. If you must go in to the office, you must first call ahead to (541) 440-4325 to find out how their procedures due to COVID-19.